Good Will Farm (Polish: Farma Dobrej Woli) is an innovative project to make use of the ideas of smart housing, universal design and ecological constructions in order to create a place where people with both physical and intellectual disabilities will find a space to live and work – adjusted to their capabilities, provided with care of specialists and coaches.

Story of the project

The project was set up in the spring of 2017 by Jacek Zalewski – initiator of the idea, chairman of the Good Will Association (Polish: Stowarzyszenie Dobra Wola) and father of his disabled son Kuba. Jacek took a bold decision to get students involved in the project, starting from the stage of planning to construction, installation, landscape architecture and interior design.

About the project

The aim of the project is to build several smart houses for a few dwellers each, at the same time creating social, recreational, conference and specialised healthcare buildings – all in Janów, situated in the vicinity of Warsaw. We also take care of a place for education andapprenticeships, space for gardening works, livestock farming and other workplaces, adjusted for the residents and aimed at bonding them with the local community.

The team

The project currently includes members from the following student organizations of the Warsaw University of Technology:
• Students’ Association of Urban Planning;
• Students’ Association of Smart Housing Systems;
• Students’ 3D Printing Association;
• Students’ Association of Ventilation and Air Conditioning;
• Students’ Association of Sustainable Construction Systems;
• Students’ Association of Energy Storage;
• Students’ Association for Unconventional Energy;
• Students’ Association of Heating;
• Students’ Association of the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography „GEOIDA”.

Independent students of the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology and the Landscape Planning Students’ Association of Warsaw University of Life Sciences also take part in the project.