Can great science arise also in Poland? Employees, students and graduates of the Warsaw University of Technology repeatedly prove that they do. Their ideas are valuable in terms of research, and at the same time they meet the expectations and needs of the modern world. The exhibition “Engineers in the service of the society”, which from November 9, 2018 can be viewed in the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology, consists of selected projects and studies.

The element that is common to all ideas shown is their purpose – to improve the health and quality of life of people. This is the proof that technology serves society and progress is at our fingertips.

The combination of knowledge, skills, passion and creativity of engineers from the Warsaw University of Technology creates solutions that make not only the good name of our university, but also the entire Polish science.

(source [PL])

We are honored that the Good Will Farm project has been honoured as part of the “Engineers in the service of the society” exhibition organized by the Office for Promotion and Information of the Warsaw University of Technology as part of the Warsaw University of Technology feast of 2018 and the hundredth anniversary of regaining independence of Poland. The exhibition together with the post about the Good Will Farm can be seen in the corridors of the second floor of Main Building of Warsaw University of Technology.

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