Almost a hundred students, mainly of Warsaw University of Technology, and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, affiliated in ten project teams, design the Good Will Farm.

Organizational Team

The aim of the team is the proper course of design work, coordination and contact between teams, dealing with financial matters of the project, as well as representation of the project and contact with university bodies, non-governmental organisations, potential partners and authorities.


  • Krystian Cyganek – Project Coordinator
  • Klaudia Chowaniec
  • Paulina Głąbikowska
  • Jakub Kaczorowski
  • Dominika Kumorek
  • Katarzyna Krasińska
  • Konstantyn Chychkan
  • Marta Zabost
  • Marcin Krzyżkowiak
Promotion and Sponsorship Team

The team is engaged in promotion of the project, the acquisition of sponsors and partners, the website, the fanpage of the Farm and the graphic aspects of the project.


  • Klaudia Chowaniec – Team Coordinator
  • Grzegorz Koziński
  • Dominika Kumorek
  • Jakub Kaczorowski
  • Sylwia Noga
  • Zuzanna Kunert
  • Marta Zabost
  • Justyna Krawczyk
  • Oliwia Król
  • Marek Józefowski
  • Mariusz Urbański
Urban Planning and Architecture Team

The task of the team is to implement the planning and architectural concept of the Farm, starting with dividing the area into zones, then concretizing each part of the complex, ending with creation of the final shape and plan of buildings, remembering about universal and ecological design, as well as consulting the project and making models and mock-ups.


  • Krystian Cyganek – Team Coordinator
  • Dominika Kumorek – Team Coordinator
  • Anna Wodzyńska
  • Marcin Mikos
  • Leonard Korago
  • Jakub Kaczorowski
  • Piotr Firlej
  • Marta Zabost
  • Ewelina Jasik
  • Emilia Kutyła
  • Konstantyn Chychkan
  • Paulina Głąbikowska
  • Anna Kazimierczak
  • Klaudia Chowaniec
  • Elżbieta Bielak
  • Monika Rustecka
  • Adam Urbański
  • Maciej Piskorz
  • Katarzyna Krasińska
Science Team

The team’s task is to search for all kinds of tech innovations that can be used on the Farm.


  • Katarzyna Goch – Team Coordinator
  • Magdalena Gnyp
  • Anna Horubała
  • Katarzyna Krasińska
  • Dominika Kumorek
  • Bartłomiej Tokarzewski
Energy Acquisition and Storage Team

The team is tasked with analyzing the needs of the Farm for electricity and heat, selecting the optimal, modern and ecological devices to cover the demand for power and energy, and economic analysis of the installation.


  • Grzegorz Koziński – Team Coordinator
  • Ewa Bartosiewicz
  • Eryk Czyżewski
  • Wojciech Godlewski
  • Nina Jabłońska
  • Stanisław Jagielski
  • Michał Jarosiński
  • Martyna Lis
  • Daniel Michrowski
  • Aleksandra Pulkowska
  • Mateusz Sierakowski
  • Oliwia Wdowiak
3D Printing Team

The task of the team is to create 3D models of objects on the farm for the needs of design and openings.


Green Design Team

The team is engaged in landscape architecture of the Farm, including creation of the sensory garden.


  • Aleksandra Brodnicka
  • Maciej Malarz
  • Michelle Mbazuigwe
  • Joanna Orzińska
  • Agnieszka Tama
  • Joanna Woszczyk
  • Agata Zalewska
Automation Team

The aim of the team is to design modern installations on the Farm, which will make life easier for the residents of the centre, according to the idea of smart housing.

  • Konstantyn Chyczkan – Team Coordinator
  • Łukasz Kobos
  • Krzysztof Kwiatkowski
  • Gabriel Lewandowski
  • Grzegorz Mędryk
  • Daniel Michrowski
Installers Team

The team is involved in designing all kinds of installations, including sanitary, necessary for the hassle-free operation of the Farm.


  • Małgorzata Jabłońska
  • Aleksandra Pawłowska
  • Karolina Sowińska
  • Bartłomiej Tokarzewski
IT Team

The team is involved in the creation of IT solutions and applications for handling devices used on the Farm.

We need you!

As part of the project, we organize team meetings, local visions as well as meetings with different people associated with the disabled: oligophrenopedagogists and specialists in the organization of space for the disabled. We are also supported by people associated with physiotherapy of the disabled.

The farm includes members of the following scientific circles and organisations: