The Good Will Farm had its beginning in spring 2017. The originator and initiator of the project is Jacek Zalewski, founder of the Good Will Association, dad of disabled Kuba and the donor of building plots for Farm. Jacek made a bold decision to involve students in the realization of the centre, from initial planning, through preparation of investment and construction to designing fittings, landscape architecture and the interiors.

Farm location

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Location of Good Will Farm 51.868749, 21.111139 Good Will Farm is located in Janów (Chynów borough), between Warka, Góra Kalwaria and Grójec, ca. 30 km from Warsaw. It is also located very close to Krężel train station.

There is one principle: we design, thinking of those who will benefit from the space we plan – people with all kinds of disabilities – and we have no fear for implementing the latest technology. The Good Will Farm is not intended to replace parents in the care and upringing of children with disabilities. It is intended to help people whose parents, due to old age or disease, are unable to provide them with comprehensive care.

The project is about creating several smart residential homes and social, agricultural, recreational, conference and health care facilities. The idea of our centre is to assume that its inhabitants can participate actively in the life of the local community. The project also includes a place for education, apprenticeships, garden working space, livestock farming and other jobs adapted to the inhabitants of the centre.

After a year of work, in June 23, 2018 we presented the third, final concept of Good Will Farm. During the meeting we demonstrated the document showing the whole process of creation of the Farm, its final shape with buildings’ layouts and with all the implementation of IT, energy, security and garden solutions. The document is available to read after contacting us at farmadobrejwoli

On the ground of the documentation obtained, we proposed the motion for land development decision to the Chynów borough’s autorithies. Approved decision will be the start of construction works, planned to end by 2020.

We believe that our work will be able to help Good Will Association and design a space where people who it helps will be able to live happily and safely, learn, rest and work.